Women + Waves

The Surf Club

*** Surf Club Back in April ***

Throughout we host our Women + Waves weekly surf club. 

Whatever your ability is, whatever board you ride, or even if you just fancy a swim - come and join us in the water for fun! It's just about getting in the sea, sharing tips and making the most out of it. 

For complete beginners we are offering surf taster lessons with a qualified instructor for £15 per person per lesson or pre book a block of 5 for £50. 

***Numbers are highly limited and book up fast so please let us know if you wish to sign up and secure your place ***

If you need to hire a board or a wetsuit just let us know before hand and we can sort this out for you
Surf Board - £5
Wetsuit - £5

If you just need a confidence boost or want to surf with like minded girls who love the ocean then all we ask is for a small optional donation towards A Perfect Foundation Charity. This will go towards helping the surfing community and locals in the Mentawais by providing education and skills to make a difference within their communities.

The charity helps educate locals on the importance of hygiene, clean water and a developing a sustainable future. 

It's a great cause and any donations will make a big difference. For more information please click here or head to our DONATE Page  https://www.perfectwavetravel.com/uk/tpw-contribution/giving-back-a-perfect-foundation

We are all about making these sessions a pressure free environment, even if you come along and just dip your toes in. It's all worth it.

We hope to see you on Wednesday evenings (all newbies are very welcome). We'll meet at Newquay Activity Centre at 6pm sharp for those who have booked the taster lesson/need equipment.

For those who have everything, we can meet you on the beach at 6:30pm.If you're running late and have your own equipment, just join us in the water when you can. 

There will be a GoPro or two flying about to capture the action.
All shots will be uploaded to the Women + Waves - Surf Club Facebook page group for your enjoyment. 

We can also grab some pizza and a couple of drinks afterwards if anyone fancies it. 

Any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch.

Ps. Each Wednesday we will make a call on the conditions and go to the best beach suited. We'll aim for Towan on most days but sometimes Fistal will be better due tides.


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