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Surf Rituals | Pre-Surf Prep

Whether you’re preparing for our surf coaching weekends, a surf trip with your mates or a competition down the coast, everyone has their pre-surf rituals and it’s far too easy to forget things, hey?!

Running around searching for Awol bikini bottoms can really spoil your surfing zen - (Why do they always go missing?)

So here’s a Pre-surf checklist you can screenshot, to help you pack for every wave hunt. Organised or what?!

Here are a few tips to help you prepare:⁠

  • Pack and prep all your gear the night before. Remember some extra warm clothes (just in case).⁠ You lose a lot of heat from your head so a nice wooly hat will help keep your noggin warm.

  • If you're driving, have some parking spots in mind to target and some spare coins for parking meters if you can’t find a free space!

  • Take time to have a gentle stretch. It's good to relieve any muscle tension and get your mobility going for the day ahead. It will also help relax, de-stress and improve the quality of your sleep too. ⁠

  • Pack some good snacks which will give you plenty of energy, (check out our favourite Bliss Balls recipe from last week).⁠

  • Get a good night’s sleep and try to relax. Surfing can be tiring, but you'll meet so many new people, learn new things and make memories which will last a lifetime. ⁠

  • The last and most important thing you need to remember when surfing is to have fun! There’s a famous quote by surfer Phil Edwards that goes, “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” - Remember this before every surf!

Here is your Pre-Surf Packing Checklist:

  1. Warm clothes, jumper, hat, extra socks and underwear. Loose fitting clothing is easiest - getting skinny jeans over damp salty skin is the worst!

  2. Surfboard + fins + leash

  3. Swimwear for underneath your wetsuit - if you wear it.

  4. Roof rack straps and bungee cords

  5. Spare leash if you have one

  6. Sun Cream / Zinc / Lip Balm

  7. Board wax

  8. Wetsuit

  9. Wetsuit boots / gloves / hood if needed

  10. Towel / robie

  11. Water / Hot flask

  12. Snacks - always need snacks

  13. Something safe to put your keys e.g. Lockbox, wetsuit pocket

  14. Waterproof watch

  15. Phone - If surfing alone, just drop someone a message before you go out.

  16. Women + Waves Playlist for the drive

  17. Coins for parking meters.

  18. Hair band x 10 (for all your mates that forget them)

  19. Basic first aid kit / Inhaler - just in case you ever need it

  20. Bucket for your damp wettie

  21. Sunglasses

  22. Moisturiser/hair oils/aftersun for after surf care.

This may sound like a lot, but keep it all in a wetsuit bucket and you’ll never be more prepared for those last minute wave hunts. You can thank us later ;)

Keen to know more about our surf coaching weekends? You can find all the information here. Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Rachel Murphy