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Meet the team


Rachel Murphy

Hi my names Rachel!

Well, it all started just over a year ago after a long summer in Newquay surfing my brains out with my husband Warrick . I’ve lived in Cornwall my whole life and have always been chucked on a beach since a young age. I’ve been keen water enthusiasts for as long as I can remember, it didn’t matter what the surf was like as long as I got in the water, I didn’t care. 

After years of travelling all over the world surfing, my husband Warrick had taught me tricks and tips on how to be more confident in the water for those moments when I felt a little bit scared or intimidated. After a while this became a habit and I started to tell my friends who I’d surf with about these techniques which seemed to help drastically. This is where my idea of Women + Waves begun. I wanted to get more girls in the water whether they could surf or not. We’d strip it back to basics and give people the surfing bug right here in the UK. 

I’d see tones of girls in the water not talking and sitting solo (including myself) and I was bored surfing alone. I wanted to bring everyone together and create a society where we could get together, arrange meet ups and generally hang out with like minded people, share stories and give each other pointers.

I have always worked within the surf industry, working in surf schools since I was 16 and then naturally fell into the surf travel world. Along side my full time job I started off with The Women + Waves Surf Club in my spare time offering tuition. We then continued and created surf coaching weekends in Newquay with Newquay Activity Centre who I spent most of my early 20s originally working with. This proved to be in popular demand, we had an amazing group of females all keen to surf, learn to surf and just get in the water no mater what the conditions were. The vibe we had created was and still is contagious, so I poured my heart into it and quit my full time job to focus on Women + Waves full time.

All of a sudden I had finally aligned my passion for surfing and my desire to do a job that I love, helping people improve their surfing, confidence, learning something completely new and seeing people stoked. Our priority at Women + Waves is always to make sure you’re having a good time in a fun environment with no pressure and we feel strongly about this. 

As we grow we have now a fantastic team onboard and I live between my home town (Newquay) and Australia (where my husband is from) getting constantly inspired to continue to make Women + Waves grow and reach further destinations. 

Follow our journey and join our society.

It’s really fun!