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Rachel Murphy

Hi! My names Rachel! Ahh, Where do I start? Well, I always wanted to start an all women’s surf group since I was young, it had been a childhood dream of mine. I finally decided to have confidence and follow my passion back in 2017 after a long beautiful summer where I spent most days in the water surfing or bodyboarding. I’ve lived in Cornwall my whole life and have always been brought up near the beach since a young age. I’ve been a keen water enthusiast for as long as I can remember. It didn’t matter what the surf was like as long as I got in the water, I didn’t care. I lived for that refreshed feeling after being in the water. I later found out that was the ‘stoke’ they’d all been talking about.

After years of travelling all over the world surfing, my husband Warrick had taught me tricks and tips on how to gain more confidence in the water. Especially for those moments when I felt a little scared or intimidated. After a while these new tips became a habit and I started to tell my friends about these techniques which seemed to help drastically. This is where my idea of Women + Waves began. I wanted to help more girls get in the water whether they could surf or not. We’d strip it back to basics and give people the surfing ‘bug’ right here in the UK. 

I’d see tons of girls in the water not talking and sitting solo (including myself) and I got bored with surfing alone. I wanted to bring everyone together and create a society where we could get together, arrange meet ups and hang out with like-minded people, share stories and give each other pointers.

I have always worked within the surf industry, working in surf schools since I was 16 and then naturally fell into the surf travel world. Outside my full time job I started off with The Women + Waves Surf Club offering tuition to girls in the community. We then continued and created surf coaching weekends in Newquay with Newquay Activity Centre; who I spent most of my early 20s originally working with. This proved to be in popular demand, we had an amazing group of women all keen to surf, learn to surf and get in the water no matter what the conditions were. The vibe we had created was and still is contagious. So much so, that I decided to pour my heart into it and quit my full-time job to solely focus on Women + Waves full-time.

All of a sudden I had finally aligned my passion for surfing and my desire to do a job that I love. I get to help some people not only learn something completely, but also help others improve their surfing and water confidence. I love seeing the ‘stoke’ on their faces after sessions. Our priority at Women + Waves is always to make sure you’re having a good time, in a fun environment with no pressure. We feel strongly about this. 

As we grow we have now a fantastic team onboard and I live between my home town (Newquay) and the Gold Coast in Australia (where my husband is from). I am constantly brainstorming ideas and getting inspired to continue to make Women + Waves grow and reach further destinations. It’s a really exciting journey and I am stoked to be apart of it.

Follow our journey and join our society.

It’s really fun! 



Hey, I’m Emma; a 28 year old surfing, fitness and outdoor enthusiast! I grew up on the Wirral; a peninsula just outside of Liverpool, but lived in Newcastle and Oregon, US for a few years during my childhood. I fell in love with Cornwall on family holidays during the summers and winters. It felt like home more than anywhere else. As soon as the opportunity arose, I moved away from my family up North, down to my new home down in the south-west. 

I studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Falmouth, fell in love with Cornwall and never left. I spend most of my time here in this idyllic county full of creatives, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and most importantly; fun surf! I travel often to find new waves, to meet new people and inspire myself with the world around me. 

I started surfing in my first year of uni down in Falmouth. I didn’t have a car so I had to rely on the uni surf club mini bus to take me surfing once a week. It was hilarious; I didn’t have a clue what I was doing nor a wetsuit that fit me. That winter, my friends and I would rent Swell boards and be tossed around in the white water for hours. We ran over each other and fell off relentlessly as boards flailed in every direction. Despite all this, I had the most incredible time with my friends being battered by the elements. I was hooked. 

That summer, I stayed down in Cornwall whilst most students returned home. I got a job, bought a car, bought my first secondhand minimal and made it my mission to surf as much as possible. Fast forward 10 years and I’ve been incredibly fortunate enough to have traveled to Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Indonesia, Barbados, Sri Lanka, the Canaries, France, Spain and Portugal; all in the name of surfing. I have met the most amazing people on these travels and made friendships for life. My most memorable trip was only last year; my best friend and I travelled to El Salvador together. We left in search of perfect waves; the type we’d been dreaming of since we first started surfing together. It was a dream come true; overhead right hand point breaks, a tropical climate, warm water, beautiful people, welcoming locals. All those hours spent thrashing around in the frigid, white water on many bleak Cornish winter afternoons were actually, in hind sight, time well spent. I wouldn’t change a thing.   

To be a part of Women and Waves is a dream come true for me. There is nothing more empowering than being part of a rich, female surfing culture where we can uplift, encourage and inspire each other in and out the water. I can’t wait to meet you all.
Emma x



I am an avid surfer, photographer, filmmaker and dive instructor. Learning to surf whilst at University in Falmouth is the best thing I have ever done. I am now lucky enough to live in Newquay being a freelance photographer and videographer down here enables me to surf often which I am very appreciative of.
I have always been fascinated by photography and capturing stills and motion through my lens. From a young age I have always striven to raise awareness of issues facing the natural world and through the power of film and video I am able to capture an audience and educate others. My love for travel and surf has enabled me to work in numerous countries on a variety of projects; ethical brands, conservation charities and local businesses.


Surf Instructor

Hey, I’m Monica! I’m 24 years old and from Cornwall. I started surfing when I was 13 but became obsessed with it about five years ago. My favourite board is my 5’6 twin fin fish. I’ve been surf instructing for three years now mainly in Cornwall but have also taught in South Africa and Mozambique. I’ve surfed all over the globe and love an adventure to find new spots (especially if it’s a right hand point break!) I’m stoked to be coaching for the Women and Waves family, there’s nothing better than sharing waves with your girl surf gang!